First Impressions of Swift

Ohio was hammered with snow last night, leaving me with a snow day today. After spending an hour shoveling myself out of the driveway (which I expect I’ll have to do again to get back in), I headed to Starbucks, grabbed a coffee, and decided to look into the current state of iOS app development.

I’ve dabbled in Mac/iOS development in the past, but I’ve never made the time to build anything significant/useful. This might relate to my opinion that writing code in Objective C wasn’t really fun. I get a thrill out of writing clean Python code that works well, whereas Objective C just kind of felt a little too raw and nit-picky. I frankly don’t want to have to worry about memory management, and “NS” everywhere just seemed like unnecessary typing and clutter.

I had heard of Swift, but didn’t really know what it involved or how it was different from Objective C development. All I knew was that it was an iOS 8/Yosemite-focused language, and that it was Apple’s new thing.

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