New Town, New Host, New Site

Subtitle: Adventures in Transitioning.

After a number of big changes in life last year (getting married being the biggest of all), it was of course time to take another big plunge. This time it came in the form of Jess and I moving to Cleveland, OH, so she could teach choir.

Coincidentally, this was the same time I happened to be finishing up a new client’s website, and I decided that I would try recommending an alternative web host to them. Of course, before recommending a company, I wanted to check them out for myself, hence my investigation into DreamHost.
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This is not a blog

This is not another blog. I have had more blogs die than pets (which I suppose is a rather morbid comparison…).

The purpose of this is to post anything random that I wish would be posted on the Internet, somehow, somewhere, and then trust the Google overlords to index it and thus archive it for posterity. I don’t know that Blogger is the best way to post source code, but we’ll see how it works out. Maybe I’ll even post some sort of data encoded in an image with stenography, just to see if that works out too.

Anyhoo – there probably isn’t much point in adding this to your blogroll or anything like that. Really.