New Town, New Host, New Site

Subtitle: Adventures in Transitioning.

After a number of big changes in life last year (getting married being the biggest of all), it was of course time to take another big plunge. This time it came in the form of Jess and I moving to Cleveland, OH, so she could teach choir.

Coincidentally, this was the same time I happened to be finishing up a new client’s website, and I decided that I would try recommending an alternative web host to them. Of course, before recommending a company, I wanted to check them out for myself, hence my investigation into DreamHost.

After two months with DreamHost, I have this to say: wow. Everything about my hosting experience has been fantastico. I had formerly been running a virtual private server through GoDaddy, with Plesk as the administrative tool. I’ve also used Ensim. DreamHosts’s control panel puts both to shame – it’s so smooth and it’s so easy to get at what you want without having to click and wait 400 times. I was able to make a strong recommendation after only a month, though really they had me at “hello.”

So, of course I have to start a new site. The old site, Kalamazoo Widgets, wasn’t quite as relevant now that I’m not in Kalamazoo (although I still maintain that was an awesome name for a site). I decided to go the straightforward route, and simply name the site after… well, me. Not that I think I’m super-important or anything. I’m just this guy, you know? The main intent of this site is to be a central kind of portfolio. Since my projects are pretty diverse, up until now I haven’t really bothered to keep track of things properly. Hopefully this is the end of that, and all my organizational problems are solved!

I’m off to save some data!

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