I used to chastise AdBlock users for destroying revenue…

And then Sony just had to go and make a hypocrite out of me.

Evil Sony Flash Advertisement

I am a frequent reader of Digg (among other news sites). However, for the past few days the above Sony ad has been showing. It’s a Flash ad, meant to wow me the user with Sony’s brilliance. After the initial play-through, the ad pretty much stays at the above static image, with little flowery things following your mouse around if you mouseover it. Okay, that doesn’t really sound like such a bad ad. Only the thing was programmed to consume 100% of my CPU in the “finished” state!

I admit it, my computer is not the most up-to-date piece of machinery around. The processor is over 6 years old, and it wasn’t state of the art at the time. But it’s simply ridiculous to me that this sort of thing is allowed to pass inspection.

Does somebody think that people enjoy their computer essentially going into a form of cryostasis, after the advertisement is over? Do they think this will impress upon me the sheer brilliance of Sony HD, and inspire me to go out right now and buy something?

Well, it inspired me to do something, all right – install AdBlock. Sorry, Digg.

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