PC Takeout launched

A couple days ago I quietly put a website up on the Internet that has been several months in the making. It is now my pleasure to introduce you to… PC Takeout!

It takes some of the principles from my Java VNC over SSH post and applies them to a more general audience. For those unfamiliar with that post, it’s a free, open to the public service similar to GoToMyPC.

I’ve made a couple changes since then. It now uses TightVNC for the VNC server, and FreeSSH for the SSH server. What this means for you the user is that you can download and install both servers in one nice, easy-to-install package (available here)!

Currently I’m ironing out a lot of issues – trying to figure out how to solve problems with Windows XP’s fast user switching. However, I have big plans for it if there’s enough public interest in the service – currently, I’m planning on implementing a “helper” service to run alongside VNC and SSH that will contact the main pctakeout.net server with updated “host status,” so dynamic IP addresses will automatically get updated, and using this service, I hope to do some fancy P2P firewall punching stuff.

Anyhoo, feel free to leave any suggestions or feedback.

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