Working with Dropbox from my Pogoplug

I had a bunch of large files backed up on my pogoplug that I wanted to get onto my iPad and iPhone. Long story short, I decided that the best way would be to use Dropbox. Unfortunately, you can’t install Dropbox on an ARM machine!

Luckily, I found this great script by andreafabrizi: Dropbox-Uploader. This is a simple bash script that only relies upon cURL being available on the system it’s running, which is available pretty much everywhere. The setup process was a little weird, but the first time you run the script, it guides you through the process. Now I’m able to put things in my Dropbox using a simple ssh connection to my pogoplug!

FreedomPop – Free 4G Internet

Yesterday, my Freedom Spot – Photon arrived in the mail, and I just thought I’d post a quick review.

FreedomPop is a new-ish service focused on providing free (as in beer) internet access anywhere in their coverage areas. No more hunting down coffeeshops or McDonalds – just bring your hotspot, and you’re good to go! They offer 500 MB free per month, with the ability to pay by the MB after that or upgrade to a bigger plan.

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Out with the old

I received an e-mail the other day about a Konfabulator project that I hadn’t even thought about since 2007: over five years ago! The widget in question was one developed for a “4k contest,” one in which coders try to make something interesting with a minimal amount of code. One of my submissions was a pseudo-3D rubik’s cube widget.

The person who contacted me had the submitted version of my code and was trying to use it as a basis for another project of his. Unfortunately, the submitted version was not designed to be human-readable, and was a bit annoying to work with.

Now, a lot has changed for me in five years.┬áBack then, I was in a different career – freelance web development. Now I’m a computer science teacher. Back then, I used SVN to store and track changes for my work. Now, I use GitHub. Continue reading “Out with the old”